Wessels’ Farms has over 24 years experience producing poinsettias for garden centers, nurseries and the florist trade. Over the years, we have developed a successful fundraising program that has proven to be a winner for many local non-profit groups.

     Please review the enclosed sales packet. Wessels’ will provide enough packets for each participant in your fundraiser. These packets will help keep your program organized and will also give us a clear and concise order for processing.

     We welcome any questions you may have so please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you on this fun and profitable project.


Edward A. Fairweather
Wessels’ Farms


Wessels’ Farms

Poinsettia Fundraising Program

Fundraising can be a challenge for any non-profit group. Wessels’ Farms greenhouse-fresh poinsettias can help your group meet its goals. One of our most popular holiday-season plants, poinsettias are easy to sell and make for a simple and profitable fundraiser.

Poinsettias allow your group to make dollars, not cents, on each sale. Our program offers:

  • Individual order cards
  • Money envelopes
  • Informative care sheets (attach one to each order at distribution time)
  • An order form for our processing and a Group Order form for your records
  • Free delivery on orders of 102 plants or more*

You get a florist quality presentation without the price.

  • Your plants will arrive fresh from our greenhouse in a protective sleeve, six (6) plants per box, so please remember to order in multiples of 6
  • A decorative foil pot cover and care tag are included with each poinsettia as part of our service to you

Group Cost:
Your group cost is $5.50 per poinsettia. Each poinsettia is in a 6 ½” pot and will have a minimum of 4 to 5 bracts/flowers. Poinsettias are available in Red, White or Pink.

Order Placement:
Please call us well in advance of our deadline to request the amount of packets needed. We will need contact information for your group such as your chairperson’s name, contact number and address, etc. The deadline for all orders is October 31, 2017.

Plants can be delivered or be picked up anytime between November 19, 2017, and December 12, 2017.

Special Note: Poinsettias are required to be kept above 60ºF to guarantee the quality of the plants.

*Orders less than 100 plants will be subject to a 25¢ per plant, delivery charge. Convenient pick-up of orders with less than 48 plants can be arranged at our greenhouses.


Poinsettia Fundraising Program Delivery Checklist

Dear Fundraiser Coordinator:

      Wessels’ Farms hopes that your fundraiser is a successful endeavor. We offer these tips to get you through this hectic period. Your poinsettias will be shipped in a timely manner so be ready! To begin, ensure that:

  • we have driving directions to your facility
  • Wessels’ has been provided a contact name and phone number for your group
  • we have also been provided with a contact name/number for the day of delivery

      Please note that Wessels’ Farms does its best to accommodate delivery requests, however weather and/or traffic conditions will determine actual delivery date. It is essential to have your distribution plan and your volunteers ready, for that date, for the following:

  • have a designated delivery area (inside, out of the cold weather)
  • have a designated sorting area (inside, out of the cold weather)
  • allow sufficient time and people on delivery day for receipt of your shipment

      Poinsettias must be kept at 60˚F or above; they will not survive damage from extended exposure to cold. When the delivery arrives it is important to get the plants off the truck and inside as quickly as possible. Be sure to store poinsettias in a draft free area before customer pick-up.

      Our drivers are instructed to find the designated Order Checker for the location of the inside delivery area. It is essential that the order is checked (that all ordered plants have been received) before removing plants from the boxes or starting the sorting process.

  • check the shipment in first. Boxed items are checked against the shipping list while the driver is on site. Wessels’ Farms will not be responsible for any shortages once our truck has left the delivery point.
  • once the shipment is completely checked (boxed items against the piece count on the shipping list) then the sorting of the orders can begin. To make it easy for your volunteers to sort orders; boxes will be marked on the outside with the color and quantities in each box.

            Your order kits included a quantity of “Poinsettia Care Sheets.” This care sheet includes information concerning poinsettias and cold weather for your customers. Please distribute these care sheets with the poinsettias.

      The following policies apply to all Wessels’ Farms Poinsettia Fundraiser Program shipments:

    • order quantities may have been rounded up to ship full boxes, six (6) plants/box
    • all questions should be directed to the office; the driver does not have order information
    • Wessels' Farms will not take returns on items
    • Wessels’ Farms is not responsible for cold damaged plants after receipt of shipment
Poinsettia Fundraising Program Order Form
All information on this form is required for order processing.

ORGANZATION: ______________________________________________________

CONTACT PERSON: ______________________ DATE/TIME: ____________________

TELPHONE: ___________________________ ALTERNATIVE CONTACT & TELPHONE

MAILING ADDRESS: ____________________ CONCTACT: ____________________

______________________________________ TELPHONE: ____________________

# of

Please note:

  • All group contact, address, phone and delivery information must be completed.
  • All orders must be received by mail or fax to be processed; phone orders are not accepted.
  • "Add-On Orders" must be followed up with mailed or faxed hard copy to be processed, and are subject to current plant availability.
  • Include driving directions to delivery location (we do not keep this information on file). Be sure to include actual delivery address with the directions. Your delivery may come on a large truck with height restrictions (13' - 6"), so please be aware of this when giving delivery instructions. (ON THE BACK OF THE SHEET)

Please remember that poinsettias are packed six (6) per box. Total order quantity should be in multiples of six (6). Boxes are marked on the outside with the color and quantities in each box.


Poinsettia Fundraising Program Group Order Form

Group:                                                                                    Order Date:                                                               

Seller’s Name:                                                               

This form is for your internal use only; please use the Wessels’ Program order form for your order.

















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