Plug Care Sheet

Upon receiving your plug order, please verify the order count.
Any claims must be made within seven (7) days after receiving plug material.

  • Plugs must be immediately removed from shipping boxes or taken off racks and placed in a high traffic area where they will receive daily attention.

  • If received from FedEx, remove the shipping netting on the plug trays by gently pulling up on the net material and cutting it down the center and pulling it away from the sides to free plant material. Watering is usually necessary at this point.

When it is time to transplant the plug material, follow these simple guidelines for a successful transition.

  • PLUGS can be removed most easily when the planting media is damp.
    Water thoroughly the day before and let trays drain overnight.
    DO NOT pull plugs from tray without dislodging first!
    You will loose counts and damage plants.

  • PLUGS may be removed by pushing up from the bottom of the tray or by using a “V” shaped tool, such as a potato peeler to lift them out. (Plug Poppers are available and save many plugs – To purchase one, contact your hardgood supplier.)

  • To push the plug out from the bottom use a pencil top or dowel. We have had success in the past with jigs made from a piece of wood and dowels to remove a whole row at a time.

  • A potato peeler is an excellent and inexpensive tool to keep on hand. Slide the “blade” down the side of the planting media to loosen and lift the plug from the tray.

CAUTION: DO NOT pull plugs from tray without loosening first.
You will lose viable plugs if they are pulled from the trays, as there is always root damage when removed in this manner. Be sure to use a mechanical device such as those listed above.

  • We recommend planting plugs into dampened soil, and watering thoroughly once transplanted.

Thank you for choosing WESPLUG, we hope you have a great season.


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